A talented 14-year-old musician who has become a familiar face to town centre visitors has released his first album.

Turton School student Will Edgar is quickly becoming a recognisable name in the region.

He can often be found busking in Bolton, Bury or Manchester, or playing gigs and festivals alongside some of the biggest local musical talents around.

The singer-songwriter from Bromley Cross realised his first album – Coffee & Car Parks - on Saturday, a record which he plays all the instruments.

He said: “It’s been a really good experience. I’ve received an awful lot of support. From strangers and from family.

The Bolton News: Coffee & Car Parks by Will Edgar album coverCoffee & Car Parks by Will Edgar album cover (Image: Will Edgar)

“I’ve been out busking today (Saturday) and I’ve sold a few CDs.”

Will, who counts playing guitar, violin, and drums as well as singing among his musical talents, first fell in love with music while at Eagley Infant School where he took up the violin and was a part of the choir.

However, it was not until he picked up his brother’s guitar just before the first Covid lockdown that he really found his feet.

“It’s a different feeling to getting up and singing on my own,” he said.

“When I pick up a guitar, I’m a different person.

“I perform a lot better on stage than I do when I’m practicing. It’s a phenomenal feeling.”

Will says the inspiration for the album comes from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes and The Kooks, but the name of the album was inspired from much closer to home.

He said: “My dad takes me everywhere and he always has to pay for coffee and car parks.”

Will’s favourite song on the album is track number two, "I’ll Be the Best", which he described as having a “fullness” to it.

He added: “A lot of the other songs are stripped back but on this one there’s strings, piano, guitar, violins, bass, drums and vocals.”

The Bolton News: Will busking in Manchester Will busking in Manchester (Image: Will Edgar)

Setting his sights on future stardom, Will said: “If I end up just being a music teacher that’s fine, but the big dream would be to play music in front of millions of people online and thousands of people live.”

Will’s dad Mark says his son’s hard work is paying off and he is starting to get a lot of exposure.

He said: “From a parent’s point of view, you wonder about how your kids going to do in life.

"The hard work he always puts in and how much he really wants it.

“The fact that he can get up in front of hundreds or thousands of people at 14 years old is outstanding and makes us really proud.”

Will’s next public gig see him on the same bill as Jade Assembly at Northern Monkey on Friday, September 16 as part of the ‘Monkey on the Town’ beer festival.

The album is available on most popular streaming platforms.

Keep up to date with Will's music via his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.


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