Following the Queen's passing, the nation is in a period of national mourning.

As part of the mourning, some changes will be made to the regular scheduling of day-to-day TV programming.

The changes have already seen shows including Eastenders, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, The One Show impacted.

Over the weekend, many scheduled shows were postponed to a later date or moved from the main broadcasting channel to a secondary option such as BBC Two.

But now some stations have begun to move back towards regular programming.

Mourners pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Is Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale on TV tonight?

Coronation Street and Eastenders are both confirmed to be on tv this evening (September 12).

ITV will show Coronation Street at 8pm tonight, with the episode originally scheduled for Friday, September 9, being aired.

While Eastenders will be back on screens at an adjusted time of 8.30pm following the special broadcast of the Queen's vigil.

However not all the popular soaps will be on screens tonight as Emmerdale will be missing from its regular evening slot.

When will Emmerdale return?

Although Emmerdale returned yesterday evening (September 11) with the airing of Thursday's episode, it will not be on tonight.

Instead, an hour-long episode of Coronation Street will be on screens from 8pm until 9pm. 

However, the popular soap is set to return to its regular slot from Tuesday (September 13) at 7.30pm.

The broadcaster also confirmed that This Morning will return at 11am with a special show that will feature stories and memories from people who met and encountered the Queen during her reign.