From Aldi and Amazon to Tesco and Warburtons, when you look at a list of the largest employers in our town you can tell right away that Bolton is a place to do business.

No other place in the region embodies the finest qualities of the North-West like Bolton – the most industrious of towns in the most industrious region, the friendliest people in the friendliest county. Bolton is the North-West distilled to its purest essence, and the University of Bolton is proud to be a proactive presence at the heart of the town.

Working and living in a town that has a successful history of looking forward is an important part of what makes Bolton so special. To be successful in business you need grit and determination, and it’s this atmosphere that inspires our staff and students, but it’s all wrapped up in the unmistakable warmth and personality of the town. It is a combination that perfectly inspires teamwork and solidarity, well connected to the rest of the UK, and sitting amongst some of its most beautiful scenery.

As a seat of learning and a first experience of the town for many people, the University of Bolton will always look to be a key driving force in promoting Bolton, its residents, and the diverse nature of its local economy. We are proud to be here, and our aim is for the whole of Bolton to be proud of our community, businesses, and achievements. We would like to wish all nominees every success! Proud to support business in Bolton. 

The Bolton News: