It is officially spooky season and Halloween is right around the corner .

And the best place to get Halloween thrills is right here in Bolton, as it’s considered to be one of the most haunted places in the country.

There are numerous spooky buildings in Bolton, often old or derelict where workers notice a presence.

Bolton is often a place visited by ghostbusters the Worsley Paranormal Group, a group who investigate paranormal activity around Greater Manchester.

Erica Gregory from the group gives us the lowdown on every haunted corner Bolton has.

1 The Old Bus Depot –

The Bolton News: Worsley Paranormal Investigation GroupWorsley Paranormal Investigation Group (Image: Worsley Paranormal Investigation Group)

Bolton’s old bus depot on Moor Lane was subject to ghost sightings according to people who used to work there.

It was reported bones had been found buried near it with former drivers claiming doors would open and close on their own.

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Erica said: “We’ve been doing this for 18 years and drivers told us they saw something in a door way, things have been going on for ages in that place.

“And we went down to show they weren’t going mental.”

2. Melody Pop/ Book-shop

The Bolton News: Worsley ParanormalWorsley Paranormal (Image: Worsley Paranormal)

This was an old building that used to be a sweet shop but was used as a dance studio in later years on Saint Georges Road.

After a dance teacher called the team, Erica reveals this was the most haunted place she has ever encountered, due to the level of activity happening.

She said: “I was so scared in here, we were picking up a lot of voices and the most clearest voices I had heard.

“We heard someone say ‘hello, I am a dead listener’, when we played the recordings back.”

3. Moses Gate Country Park – Rock Hall

The Bolton News: NQNQ

Erica recounts voices saying ‘hello’ and ‘come talk to me’ at this historic grand II listed building currently in the midst of being saved by an action group.

It has been disused since 2014, and was built by Thomas Bonsor Crompton's father John, who was granted the lease in 1805.

John never lived in the house as he died at about the time the house was completed in 1807 and later it was occupied by the managers of the paper mill.

4. Smithills Hall

The Bolton News: Worsley ParanormalWorsley Paranormal (Image: Worsley Paranormal)

Smithills Hall alwasy makes the list of spooky places to visit in Bolton.

Richard Ainsworth has been linked to the building since he bought it in 1801 and after moving down generations, it finally fell into the hands of Bolton Council in 1938.

Ghostly encounters are strife at Smithills, with people seeing a boy called Tommy, soldiers and a  spirit that many believe was George Marsh, a local curate sentenced to death.

Erica said: “We get something different every time we go here.

“In the sun room, I felt something grab at the back of my legs and another member saw a young boy in a crib as well as old language voices.”

5. Turton Tower

The Bolton News: NQNQ

Another frequent scare happens at the Turton Tower on Chapeltown Road, and according to paranormal experts is the most haunted place in the whole of Lancashire.

The 16th century manor is rumoured to have ghosts sprawling around it, with a female figure heard in empty rooms.

Erica recalls the tower to have high activity and said: “Bolton is on ley lines, so I feel this is what makes it the scariest place.”