BOLTON councillors have called on the Government to reveal full details of the proposed congestion charge - after it emerged the cost per day could rise to £7.50.

Inflation could take the daily charge beyond the £5 initially suggested by the time congestion charging would be introduced in 2013, should it get the go-ahead from the Government.

A decision on whether to approve the bid put together by Greater Manchester's 10 councils for £3bn from the government's Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) to fund improvements to bus, train and tram services has been put off until May at the earliest.

That sum would include almost £2bn in loans, repayable from the proceeds of the charge.

But Labour leader Cllr Cliff Morris said: "At the moment I want to know exactly what the bid entails - the fine details of infrastructure, rail, bus stations and so on.

"Then there will be a consultation and after that, if Bolton residents are not in favour, then I will not be supporting it."

Cllr Morris had previously said he was "yet to be convinced" about the charge.

Conservative Cllr John Walsh said: "Under Labour's plans it is very clear that If there is no congestion charge there will be no investment.

"This is not good enough. Motorists already pay too much and should not be faced with another stealth tax."

People in Bolton will get the chance to vote on the proposals, should the councils decide to press ahead with them, after the Liberal Democrats pushed for a public poll.

The group's transport spokesman Cllr David Wilkinson said the decision on whether the plans are put into practice should rest with public transport users and motorists who would pay the charge.

Transport bosses say the publicised £5 a day figure was based on 2007 prices and the real figure would be affected by inflation.

With the inflation rate for public transport costs and fares being far higher than the rate which affects the economy as a whole, it could mean an extra £2.50 by 2013.