A resident says his water has been running a 'dirty green colour' since the start of this month.

David Greenhalgh says he is not being given any answers by water company United Utilities as to what is causing the discolouration.

United Utilities accept that the water is discoloured but declined to say what was causing it.

David, aged 30, said he believes he is not the only one with discoloured water, in the area.

Running a bath earlier this week, David said the water was still coming out 'green'.

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David said: “It started on September 1, and we got in contact with United Utilities, and they said they would send somebody out and all they did was take samples.

“Last week, they sent someone round to do more samples.

“United Utilities then left us a voicemail and stated that we can still continue drinking it which on the United Utilities website it states that if your water turns green do not drink it.

The Bolton News: Contaminated water running through tapsContaminated water running through taps (Image: David Greenhalgh)

“I ran the bath  and it was just green water, and their quote is it can take 20 working days which means Monday to Friday to get the samples, now 20 working days from the 1st is up to September 29.

“And they did a second sample a week later and that’s going to take another 10 working days meaning it will be October 13.

“They haven’t dropped any water off for us or given us any advice, they have literally just said they will be in contact.

A spokesperson for United Utilities said: “We cannot discuss the details of individual cases, but if we had identified any indication of contamination or risk to health then we would inform customers straight away."