DRAMA, Uplift, Chaos Theory and What The Funk make up four of the five bands booked for a new series of gigs that promoters hope will revive the fortunes of the Soundhouse.

"We're just looking to put together a good night that can be repeated," said Steve Gallagher, who is organising the night with Pete Strong.

"I go regularly to Manchester Academy and saw a young band on there called Chaos Theory from Atherton," said Pete. "I asked if they'd ever played the Soundhouse and they said no.

"I said I'd speak to the guy who owns it, but when I spoke to him he said he was closing it down because he couldn't get the bands to play and they weren't getting the support.

And then he said, Why don't you put a gig on?' And I thought, well I'll give it a try - if I put five bands on for a fiver then I might get a few people in."

The gig, which is open to all ages, will feature original bands from Bolton and the surrounding areas.

"There's no gigs like this," said Pete.

"When I was gigging there were lots of halls where you could play your own music. If one of these young indie bands got up there and tried to play their own stuff all night, in a lot of places they wouldn't have it.

"There are so many bands around and it's a shame to see them in pubs playing covers that were old when their parents were around."

Ian Gordon, singer with Drama who are headlining the night, said: "We're all ready for it now, it's going to be quite a good gig. I was in on the 29th and it was packed. It was a bit crazy - if it's half as packed as it was then then it'll be a good night."

The band haven't played live for a few weeks because Ian has been travelling around Europe, but they believe that their loyal following will make the Soundhouse gig a night to remember.

"We've got a few fans now," said Ian. "We've only been around on the circuit for about six months but most people who come to the gigs tend to stick with us after that."

The band are also currently doing well in the V Festival's Road To V competition.

"The Road To V thing has picked up quite a bit - we have well over 100 votes," he said. "I'm not sure how much that's going to contribute to the judges' final opinion on the music but all you can do is try!"

The Soundhouse Presents... is on April 19. Tickets cost £5, and can be bought from the Alma Inn, on Bradshawgate, or from the Bolton Town Hall Box Office.