Residents have expressed mixed views on the installation of a new 20m 5G mast.

Plans have been submitted to install a 20m monopole on Mytham Road at the junction with Cedar Avenue in Little Lever

Cllr Andrea Taylor-Burke is urging residents in Little Lever and Darcy Lever to share their thoughts on the proposed monopole which will have supporting six antennas and a wraparound base cabinet.

Residents in the area have already expressed their feelings with mixed views on either side.

Some welcome the new monopole because of the connection issues that are currently in the area.

However, there are also concerns regarding the health of people in the area.

Cllr Taylor-Burke said: "Personally I don't have an issue with the mast we already have two in Little Lever.

"The views are very mixed by residents.

"Some worry about the health implications and these points can't be dismissed as they concern them.

"I take everyone's point of view and understand that people have different opinions.

"I have been elected to be their voices so if the majority don't want it I would obviously fight for it to not be approved."

Objections to 'shocking' Lee Lane phone mast plan

One resident said: "I live just off Mytham Road and have no issues with this.

"In fact I welcome it if we get faster connection.

"I remember all the controversy about the mast in the village by the chemist.

"Now, nobody seems to notice it."

Another resident said: "I live off Mytham Road and the signal is really, really bad.

"My gran also lives here and has poor signal all over her house and she's tried every network and service."

On the other end of the discussion is the impact the mast will have on health.

Bolton Council takes decision on Lee Lane phone mast plan

This isn’t the first-time residents in Bolton have had concerns regarding 5G masts.

Proposals to site a 15-metre phone mast in a historic area in Horwich have recently been thrown out.

Under the plans, a phone mast would have been built on Lee Lane opposite houses that can trace their history to the 1800s, but it didn’t go ahead.

The mast on Mytham Road is currently out for public consultation there are notices that were erected on September 21.

The application reference number is 14566/22 for those wishing to take part in the consultation.