More new homes are earmarked for a busy Bolton road.

Manchester Road in Kearsley has already proven to be a popular site for new housing proposals.

Now an outline application has been made to build up to eight new houses in the area.

Cllr Paul Heslop, who represents the area on Bolton Council, said: “This is the area where they felled the trees, it's an outline application and I very much suspected it’s a move to increase the value of the land.”

The Bolton News: The plans could see up to eight new houses builtThe plans could see up to eight new houses built (Image: PR)

Cllr Heslop flagged several issues that people may have including parking, noise and highway safety, while residents may also be worried about the effect it could have on disabled people’s access and the density of building in the area.

He also warned that people may be concerned about the new buildings overlooking their homes and losing privacy as a result.

Manchester Road in Kearsley as long been viewed as a potential site for new housing developments.

Last December plans were lodged to build homes on the same area of land, but could not be decided on as the council had not received enough information.

The Bolton News: The plans have been put to Bolton CouncilThe plans have been put to Bolton Council (Image: PR)

At the time, concerns had been raised about how the infrastructure in Kearsley, particularly the local schools would be able to cope with new housing and an influx of people.

This September plans were then put forward for five three story buildings on ‘blighted’ landed just off Manchester Road.

But in this new case, the proposals are still only outline plans meaning that if approved they will mean that new housing can be built in theory with more details added later on.

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Cllr Heslop has assured residents that if enough material considerations are received he will request that the proposal is debated by Bolton Council’s full planning committee.

He said: “I cannot legally say whether any application is right or wrong, but I will be able to speak on behalf of residents at the planning committee meeting and articulate all residents’ concerns.”

The plans will be open for neighbourhood consultations until Monday October 17.