Hundreds of Muslims celebrated  the birthday of holy Prophet Muhammad, and the life and work of the Sufi saint Sheik, Sufi Mohammed Aslam, in Bolton.

Some Muslims travelled all the way from America, Scotland, Birmingham, and Coventry to join in the faith walk.

Before leaving the Makkah Mosque, in Great Lever, there was a wide range of food, tea and coffee, and ice cream on offer, which was all free.

Construction lecturer at Blackburn College, Sufi Qasim, who helped organise the event said: “We have all come together from so many different areas to celebrate our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

“He was a prophet for everyone who came with a message of love, peace, equality, and diversity for men and women.”

 Zaynab Akhtar was also celebrating inside the mosque with other women, where they were sat talking, reciting prayers and enjoying some homemade food.

She said: “It’s just all about the community coming together and celebrating something that we all have in common.

“It’s just a nice day to look forward to, with sisters from all around the country, and some who I don’t even know, but we know each other for the prophet’s birthday and for the leader who passed away.”

Although this was an Islamic celebration, it was open to all the public, and many could be seen outside the front of their homes cheering the parade on.

Residents in the community were handing out sweets, chocolates, and drinks to those in the march, as well as some neighbours.

Prayers could be heard through speaker phones as everyone marched through the streets of Great Lever.

Ibrahim Mobsher who travelled from St Ives said: “It means a lot because this is the final prophet of our religion.

“My favourite part is reciting religious prayers and seeing lots of people with stories about peace.”

Muhem Hussain also helped organise the walk and said: “It has been established for 28 years, and people are very familiar with the event.

The Bolton News: So many people came togetherSo many people came together (Image: Newsquest)

“People flock to Bolton to be a part of this, from all walks of life.

“It hasn’t been the same without Mohammed Aslam.

“Even when his health started deteriorating, he would ring people and motivate then.

“He was a big symbol in Bolton, so this is a tribute to him too.”

The Milad, Arabic name for the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, is celebrated all over the world by Muslims.

It’s amongst the most important dates in the Islamic calendar.

After their walk they headed towards the 3D centre where children recited poems from Imam Pusiri in front of hundreds on stage.

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