Radio 1’s primetime duo has been sharing their love for town this week as they broadcasted their show live from the University of Bolton.

Former Bolton FM presenter, Vicky Hawkesworth, alongside Dean McCollough, have recently replaced Scott Mills and Chris Stark on the afternoon show which airs Monday to Thursday, 1pm to 3:30pm.

Visiting Bolton this week is part of Radio 1’s regular feature, where each show at certain points of the year will get to go to a town or city that means something to that show.

And Bolton was of course on the cards, given that it’s Vicky’s hometown.

Vicky said: “People who are younger listen to Radio 1 (that’s our target audience) and we wanted to get in here and meet the people of Bolton who listen.

The Bolton News: Pictures by Adrian Greenhalgh - BBC Radio 1's Vicky at the University of Bolton (Credit: BBC Radio 1)Pictures by Adrian Greenhalgh - BBC Radio 1's Vicky at the University of Bolton (Credit: BBC Radio 1) (Image: BBC Radio 1)

“And we wanted to be in the place that was close to them, so they didn’t have to disrupt their day if they wanted to pop along and say hello and get involved.

“It’s been really nice to meet a lot of the students.”

Vicky particularly enjoys being in a different environment because of all the fun things it allows them both to do.

So far, the duo has enjoyed an appearance from Paddy McGuiness, and a performance of Vicky’s Indie Lyric Quiz sung by an acapella group which also involves her uncle.

Vicky added: “Obviously we’ve come to Bolton because it’s my hometown, so I want to get Dean to try a pasty barm because I go on about them all the time.”

And it looks like Dean could get to try the famous pasty barm when they visit the pasty shop tomorrow.

Dean added: “This is all so that we get to be in the community and meet those people who are listening to us.

“It’s all about local voices really.

“I mean how many times do you turn on any radio station really and hear enough Bolton accents and Bolton stories.

“Even if you’re not from Bolton, and you’re listening in another part of the country you’re probably gonna be hearing a Bolton accent or a Bolton story for the first time in a long time.

The Bolton News: Pictures by Adrian Greenhalgh - BBC Radio 1's Vicky and Dean at the University of Bolton (Credit: BBC Radio 1)Pictures by Adrian Greenhalgh - BBC Radio 1's Vicky and Dean at the University of Bolton (Credit: BBC Radio 1) (Image: BBC Radio 1)

“So, it’s cool that we get to do that.”

Dean said that even doing their show from Salford is a “bit of a moment” because it’s the first weekday Radio1 show that has come from Salford.

Both Vicky and Dean have been avid fans of Radio1, with it always playing in their homes.

Vicky said: “I did that thing as a kid where you’re like I’m gonna be a zookeeper or I’m gonna be a hairdresser or whatever, and all of them sort of fell away and I always just kept coming back to radio.

“And I was like you know what, it just sounds like they’re all having so much fun and when you’re listening you have so much fun, so I just thought that’s what I wanna go and try and aim for.”

Dean said: “When I was about 11, I used to listen to Chris Moyle’s on Radio1 walking to school everyday and I used to hear those guys having loads of fun and I had my own little radio studio in my bedroom that I used to record over my mum’s tapes.

“So, I just had one tape and I would record radio shows over it.”

The Bolton News: BBC Radio 1 truck at the University of BoltonBBC Radio 1 truck at the University of Bolton (Image: BBC Radio 1)

Dean also opened up about how many people are starting to realise that Radio1 isn’t just in London, with one student on a Digital Content course telling him that because of them being there, he now knows he doesn’t have to move to London.

He added: “He said you guys being here this week has proved to me that I don’t need to move to London to get a job at somewhere like Radio1.

“And that is what this is all about just showing people that you can be part of the BBC too.

“You don’t need to up sticks and move to do that.

“When I did community radio it was in my blood really and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, but Radio1 was always in my rear-view mirror.”

Being from Belfast, Dean also wasn’t sure that this would be on the horizon “because things like that don’t really happen” in terms of representation.

Vicky also echoed this and initially thought she would have to move to London, but she says she’s so glad that this has come along to show “everyone that you can have this dream and this job in the north”.

She also said that Media City are currently working on making more jobs available in the north too.

Both have described their move to this slot as a “dream come true”, after starting their Radio1 journey together.

Vicky and Dean will both be at Bolton University today for their last day, before heading back to Media City.

Vicky and Dean’s show can also be listened back to on BBC Sounds next week.

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