A retired professional wrestler wants to face Amir Khan in the ring for charity.

Shak Khan, also known as the Kashmiri Kid and the Beast from the East, had a wrestling career spanning three decades.

The 49-year-old moved from Halifax to Blackpool as boy after he got into a fight at school protecting his brother.

That warrior spirit saw him take on the world, eventually becoming the Professional Wrestling Champion for the Middle East, Kashmir, and Pakistan – a title and belt he still holds despite retiring in 2017.

Shak discovered his love for the combat sport at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Public Wrestling Challenge shows, where members of the public could challenge professional wrestlers for money.

One of those wrestlers, Blood Boots Dave Duran, eventually become Shak’s mentor and hero and taught him all he knew.

The Bolton News: Shak Khan with one of his championship beltsShak Khan with one of his championship belts (Image: Shak Khan)

After a fulfilling career which took him all around the world, Shak, who describes himself now as a “man of leisure”, is now looking to help those less fortunate, and he thinks he has got the perfect way to do it.

He said: “Because wrestling has been so good to me and with Amir Khan being a fellow Pakistani, British-born of Muslim origin, a fighter as well who’s done so well, I think it would be great if he can come together with me and do something a little bit different.

“We could raise lots of money and give every single penny to charity – whether that’s for the floods in Pakistan, which is really bad, but whatever charity.

“We should give to the poor. Give to the more needy.”

Shak says he has the utmost respect for Amir Khan and thinks a mixed discipline fight between the pair would be quite the spectacle.

The Bolton News: Shak Khan in the ringShak Khan in the ring (Image: Shak Khan)

“I’m a grappler. Submissions, choke holds, arm locks, arm bars, all sorts of things. I could pick him up and body slam him. I could do a lot of damage to him. Then again, on his side, he’d only have to hit me once and it’s over.”

He added: “There was a very famous wrestler from Japan, Antonio Inoki, and he’s recently passed away, sadly. In his day he fought Muhammad Ali in a boxer versus wrestler match.

“It was a massive fight. Worldwide.”

Shak has suggested that the bout could take place at the University of Bolton Stadium, or at his hometown football club’s stadium of Bloomfield Road.

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