Asda has introduced strict new rules for customers hoping to by KSI and Logan Paul’s “Prime” hydration drink after a huge demand.

Prime has become the must-have drink for kids across the UK after it was endorsed by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul.

Prime is supposedly sold exclusively in Asda stores but has become increasingly hard to find as kids and parents alike queue to stock up on the different flavours.

The £2 price has been inflated drastically online as people stock up in the supermarket to make a profit.

Now Asda has decided to restrict customers to just three bottles with signs in stores urging customers to stick to the rules.

What is Prime Drink?

The drink comes in a number of different flavours including Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Ice Pop and Blue Raspberry.

Prime has been flying off the shelves and some youngsters have even been getting up as early as 5am outside their local Asda to get hold of one.

The drink is made up of 10 per cent coconut water and 825 milligrams of electrolytes.