I’m A Celebrity returned for a second episode of the current series last night and viewers spotted a change to one of the regular features of the show.

The Dingo Dollar Challenge is a well-liked feature of the ITV show and it sees two celebrities complete tasks to win a sweet treat.

This year though, the series has changed the Dingo Dollar Challenge and viewers were quick to notice it.

Some challenges may take some celebrities longer but they’re always completed eventually and when they’ve received their bag of dollars, they exchange them for an edible prize.

But first, the campmates who aren’t participating in the task must answer a question correctly.

They receive a phone call from the person behind the kiosk and they’re given two options for the answer.

Pick the correct one and the two celebrities will return to camp with a treat that can be shared among them but pick the incorrect answer and they’ll receive nothing but a shutter being slammed shut in front of them.

This year is different in a few ways.

In the second episode of I’m A Celeb which aired on Monday, November 7, viewers spotted that the kiosk had been swapped out for a bike which held a kiosk-like structure on the front end.

Kev, who we’d expect to see behind the kiosk, was instead riding the bike before stopping in front of Jill and Owen who completed the first Dingo Dollar Challenge of the series.

“Deals on Wheels” seems to be the way forward for the series kiosk segment.

Another feature which has changed is the ability for celebrities to choose between two treats.

This time around, Jill and Owen could only choose Custard Creams as their prize for completing the challenge.


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Since this was the first answer given and it was correct, viewers haven’t seen a wrong answer be selected for the Dingo Dollar Challenge question and therefore haven’t seen a shutter be slammed down in front of celebrities.

The new bike concept suggests the shutter may have been scrapped too.

I’m A Celeb viewers slam new changes to the Dingo Dollar Challenge

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new features.

Along with a bag of dollars emoji, one wrote: “Petition to bring back the Dingo Dollar Challenge #ImACeleb”

Another said: “Are ITV on a budget this year? No 'Dingo Dollar' and no choice of goodies for winning the challenge! #ImACeleb”

A third tweeted: “Call it deals on wheels all you want, but it’ll always be the Dingo Dollar Challenge to me… #ImACeleb”

With laughing and crying face emojis, a fourth tweeted: “#ImACelebrity how have they managed to ruin the dingo dollar challenge by changing it to a boring name and not giving options? Plus the fun of him slamming the shutter has gone??”

Another tweeted: “They ruined the dingo dollar challenge #ImACeleb”