Hundreds of thousands of fans were met with huge online queues as tickets for Peter Kay’s highly anticipated tour went on sale today.

Many reported seeing messages on the Ticketmaster website telling them there were more than 200,000 people ahead of them in the virtual line.

Fans were locked into as many websites as possible from the very early morning to get their hands on the tickets.

Some fans have shared their relief after successfully purchasing their tickets.

One fan took to Twitter and said: “Well that was so much more stress free and easier than Thursday, cheers Ticketmaster for the Peter Kay tickets.

“See you in Belfast in February.”

Whilst other fans shared their frustration at being in a queue for long periods of time.

One fan said: “They said: "I haven't got all day.

"They are going down at a rate of 10k per 7 minutes, which tells me I could be waiting 3.5 hours.

"Time, I don’t have, and also how many tickets are available, should I give up now if there are 300k people ahead of me potentially purchasing multiple tickets?"

The Bolton News:

New ticket dates were also announced as one fan waited in a queue on Ticketmaster.

It read: “Due to overwhelming demand for this show, ticket availability is now extremely limited, and some ticket options will be unavailable.

“Good news.

“More shows have been added for Manchester AO Arena for May, June and July 2024.”

However, a fan says that when they tried to purchase tickets for the Manchester AO Arena for May and June 2024 where they were told they couldn’t purchase tickets for them for another 29 days.

They were able to go in a queue for April 2024 in Manchester though, with less people also in the queue for certain dates and locations.

More shows were also added for October and November 2024 in Manchester.

These included two new dates at the Utilita Arena Birmingham, four new dates at London’s O2 Arena and six new dates at the AO Arena Manchester.

The London dates will form part of his monthly residency at the venue, after he was announced as the first artist to secure one.

The 49-year-old comic, who has been out of the spotlight in recent years, announced earlier this month that he is embarking on an arena tour spanning this December.

It marks his first tour in 12 years, and with new tour dates announced to cope with demand, Peter could be touring for around two years.

One fan said: “Wonder if this tour will beat the Guinness World of Records of records set by Peter back in 2010.”

The rush to secure tickets also prompted the hashtags #PeterKayTour and #Ticketmaster to begin trending on Twitter.

Channel 5 News host Dan Walker was among those in the queue, tweeting: “Trying to get Peter Kay tickets is like trying to get an appointment at the GP!

“‘Please hold… there are currently 170,000 people ahead of you in the queue’”.

Fellow comic Jason Manford joked: “Phew lucky enough to get 2x Peter Kay tickets. For sale 2x Peter Kay tickets, £3500 each ono.”

Others compared the experience to the famously difficult task of securing tickets to Glastonbury Festival.

Within two hours tickets were already appearing on resale sites, with a single ticket to a London show selling for up to £350 on Viagogo.