ITV I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! star Boy George is godfather to a very famous reality TV star.

It has been revealed the Karma Chameleon singer is godfather to Big Brother legend Aisleyne Horgan Wallace.

Aisleyne’s best friend Nicola McLean said: “You know my best friend Aisleyne? That’s her godfather. I think he’s going to be brilliant.” 

The star has previously shared a snap of him holding Aisleyne as a baby.

She previously said in her autobiography: "Mum had met this tall, big-nosed Irish guy called George O'Dowd at the Tottenham. They were absolute bezzy mates for ages – way before the rest of the world met Boy George. She told me he would put me on his knee and sing to me.

"He would change my nappies, do my hair and dress me up like a little punk doll..."

Boy George said he will try to avoid “pointless arguments” in the jungle. The former Culture Club frontman, 61, said he wanted to find space away from fellow campmates where he can do mindful practices including yoga and chanting.

Fans saw glimpses of that on Monday night’s show when the singer sat away from the rest of the camp after getting annoyed by his fellow campmate’s cooking, most notably the uncooked mushrooms.

Hew as then seen chanting the following morning.