Fans of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity have claimed that singer Boy George is “having it easy.”

The claims came after the Culture Club singer and former health secretary Matt Hancock were tasked with eating some gruesome dishes in a Bushtucker Trial.

But with the popular singer being vegetarian it meant he got all vegetable-based dishes whilst Matt had to drink blended mealworms, and George drank blended fermented duck eggs.

Fans were quick to take to social media as many thought it was unfair and some even said it was a “fix”.

One user wrote: “that eating trial was a total fix Boy George got it easy”.

Another wrote: “Just realised Boy George is getting the easy ones because he’s vegetarian”.

Although Boy George’s does not sound like a treat at all, many sought to compare the two meals.

“Beans, tofu, and fruit vs f***ing camel d**k, sheep vagina and an eyeball. Boy George got it easy” one user wrote.

But some did show support for the singer as one Twitter user wrote: “So #ITV why did Boy George get all the fermented foul tasting/smelling stuff and Hancock got all the easy bland stuff?”

However, despite the pair's backlash they were able to complete the trial and gain 11 stars for the camp.

After the trial, Boy George spoke to the camp cameras saying, “I wanted to do a food trial but it was a lot worse than I thought.”