Young citizens at a Bolton primary school made a big impression on legendary broadcaster and environmentalist Sir David Attenborough.

So much so he sent them a handwritten letter saying how much he enjoyed their work.

The Year Five class at Beaumont Primary School had written to him about  learning ab out the rainforests as part of a project they were doing - and could not believe it when the broadcaster, who is best known for his work on The Life Collection and The Blue Planet, responded backk.

Class teacher Nicola Ruscoe said: “They were writing descriptions, learning about the rainforest, as they’ve been reading a book called The Explorer for English.

The Bolton News: Children at Beaumont Primary School wrote to Sir Attenborough about the rainforestChildren at Beaumont Primary School wrote to Sir Attenborough about the rainforest (Image: Beaumont Primary School)

“We always write for an audience and a purpose at Beaumont School, so for this we thought who do we want our audience to be, and the children thought of  Sir David Attenborough.

“They made it into an exploding book. I had to randomly choose some pieces to put in there, everyone wanted to send their pieces in -  but we couldn’t send him 32 pieces!

“So I just chose three and we posted those off.”

She continued: “I wasn’t really expecting anything back, but then for it to be a handwritten letter as well is amazing.

The Bolton News: Children and staff at the school were surprised when he wrote backChildren and staff at the school were surprised when he wrote back (Image: Beaumont Primary School)


“I’ve heard it was very, very exciting when they opened the letter, I was off ill on the day unfortunately.

“It was just a bit bizarre really, you see him on the TV, everyone loves Sir David Attenborough don’t they?”

The Bolton News:

Miss Ruscoe said: “It was really personal, he said he liked this description in one of the pieces. He was quite specific in his reply.

“We’d got one of the children to write a note explaining what we were sending him.

“So he had actually written it to Seth Turner, so he was over the moon as you might imagine.

“I don’t think they believed I had actually posted them. So for him to actually reply is amazing.

The Bolton News: Sir David AttenboroughSir David Attenborough (Image: PA)

“I’m 28 and was just as excited as them.”

She added: “The effort that the children had gone to, knowing that it was going to go to him is really important. Obviously they always try their best, but they really, really went for it.

“But it’s nice to see their work being recognised, that was really important.

“He’s an inspiration I suppose, he’s inspired a lot of our learning in school and will continue to inspire.”