A son is 'braving the shave' for his mum after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Yvonne Parkes, 50, from Bolton, was first diagnosed around a month ago, and her son Joe Parkes is remaining hopeful.

It was only through noticing she had some lumps at the bottom of her abdomen that she knew something was wrong.

Joe, 24, says that his mum had no side effects or other symptoms.

After losing his aunty to breast cancer in 2018, he felt as though he wanted to do something to help raise awareness.

He said: “My aunty had to leave her two children who were only 17 and 18 when she passed away.

“So, when this happened with my mum I thought ‘I have got to do this’.

The Bolton News: Yvonne with her husband David and son JoeYvonne with her husband David and son Joe (Image: Public)

“I was absolutely shocked, and I just felt like it always seems to hit the nice people.

“Hopefully by fundraising they can find it easier.

“She had no symptoms or side effects.

“It was only from the lumps they found something, which is the scary thing.”

He says that Yvonne is an “amazing lady” and that she would do anything for anyone.

Joe added: “She is a kind-hearted, lovely person inside and out.

“She’s amazing.”

Despite Yvonne’s diagnosis, she remains in good spirits and is “doing alright”.

Previously working as a catering manager, Yvonne continues to keep her passion for cooking alive, as well as going for walks to Rivington Pike when she can.

Whilst it is a difficult time for Joe's family and his friends help to keep him going, as well as his work colleagues.

Joe added: “It is difficult, and my dad is struggling a little bit, but I have got a lot of family and friends behind me and people who I work with.

“But I think it hits you more when it’s very close family, especially your mum or dad.”

Yvonne was due to go on holiday to Lanzarote - which is favourite place to visit - at the end of October, but it had to be cancelled due to Yvonne being unable to fly.

The Bolton News: Joe and his mum in Lanzarote Joe and his mum in Lanzarote (Image: Public)

Yvonne will start her chemotherapy on November 29, and Joe and his dad David are feeling positive about it.

Joe said: “We are hoping that the chemotherapy will get rid of it, and if not, she will have more treatment.”

Joe will be ‘braving the shave’ with a couple of his work colleagues from a complex unit in Preston where he works as a carer, and his dad and two of his dad’s friends, which will take place on January 1.

All proceeds will go to Target Ovarian Cancer to help expand research and raise awareness.

Joe said: “From the moment she noticed she had lumps on the bottom of her abdomen and going to the doctors and having an operation, the NHS have been absolutely fantastic.

“This form of cancer is really sneaky and just creeps up on you without any side effects or symptoms.

“I hope I can raise awareness on this.”

Joe has reached his goal of £200 but is keen to raise as much money as possible.

To make a donation click here ( www.gofundme.com/f/twq2ed-brave-the-shave).

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