The Met Office has addressed reports of another 'Beast from the East' heading for the UK.

The national meteorological service took to social media to provide a fact check about snow hitting the nation next week.

Writing on Twitter, a spokesperson for the organisation said: "You might have seen some reporting recently about the chances of #snow and a 'Beast from the East'. Here's our #FactCheck 👇.

"Temperatures will drop towards average for this of year next week. Any snow is most likely to fall on the tops of the mountains in Scotland, as is usual for the time of year."

So bad news for anyone hoping for heavy snow as December approaches an all the fun it can bring - but good news for those who remember and want to avoid similar chaos caused by heavy snowfall dubbed 'Beast from the East' in March 2018.

The 'Beast from the East' is a phrase used to describe cold and wintry conditions in the UK as a result of a polar continental air mass, according to the Met Office website.