Motorists are being warned they will continue to stage roadside operations after carrying out a speed enforcement exercise over the weekend.

GMP Bolton South's Rumworth Neighbourhood Team were out with speed guns on Saturday and a number of motorists were stopped.

A spokesman for GMP Bolton South said: "Vehicles were stopped and all drivers were dealt with appropriately. The neighbourhood team will continue these operations on a regular basis.

Please obey the speed limit at all times. #WatchYourSpeed #SpeedingKills."

Currently there is a drive to reduce the number of road traffic collisions in Bolton.

Firefighters currently staged a mock crash in Victoria Square to dramatically illustrate the consequences of driving carelessly or dangerously.

Operation Portman continues to be run in Bolton.

It was launched in response to concerns over the number of serious road incidents in the town.

Hundreds of drivers have been reported for different alleged driving offences since the launch of the crackdown.

To help them catch speeding drivers, officers have acquired two laser devices to record speeding vehicles.