With Christmas less than a month away, you might be looking for ways to get into the festive spirit and if you like the idea of travelling to new places at the same time, look no further.

Manchester Airport offers flights to a range of European destinations so you can visit different Christmas markets this year.

If travelling to some of Europe’s Christmas markets sounds like a plan, let’s take a look.

Manchester Airport flights to European Christmas markets


The Bolton News: Berlin's Christmas market is open nowBerlin's Christmas market is open now (Image: Manchester Airport)

The Christmas markets in Berlin are now open and both Ryanair and easyJet serve the city.

Visit Gendarmenmarkt to see a variety of exclusive Christmas crafts and decorations plus food and drink.

The market outside the City Hall is more suitable for families with activities such as ice skating and fairground rides.

Away from the Christmas markets, Berlin also offers some sightseeing for tourists including the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall.


The Bolton News: Flights are available to Brussels from Manchester AirportFlights are available to Brussels from Manchester Airport (Image: Manchester Airport)

The ‘Winter Wonders’ Christmas market in Brussels is open now and will end on January 1, 2023.

Visitors can expect more than 200 wooden chalets of food, drinks and Christmas decorations.

If sampling the Belgian Christmas traditions and some of the world’s finest beers and chocolates sounds like fun, why not book a trip?


The Christmas markets in Budapest are now open with both Ryanair and Jet2.com serving this route from Manchester Airport.

You’ll find Budapest’s Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market in front of the St. Stephen Basilica with plenty of food, drink and handicrafts to see.

Whether you’re excited to try Hungarian honey cookies or relax at one of the waterfront bars after a day of shopping, you can find out more about flights to Budapest via the Manchester Airport website.


The Bolton News: Cologne Christmas markets are now openCologne Christmas markets are now open (Image: Manchester Airport)

The Christmas markets have been open for more than a week now in Cologne and Jet2.com and Ryanair both serve the route.

You’ll be able to see Cologne’s most iconic landmark, the tallest twin-spired cathedral in the world on your visit to the Christmas market.

It doesn’t stop there though as you can also visit the smaller markets, including the Stadtgarten Christmas market which is set in a city park and offers handmade souvenirs and decorations.


The Bolton News: Passengers can fly from Manchester Airport to Frankfurt this winterPassengers can fly from Manchester Airport to Frankfurt this winter (Image: Manchester Airport)

Frankfurt’s Christmas market is open now and you can fly with Lufthansa to see the traditional market that’s decorated with thousands of lights.

Each year, a Christmas cup design is unveiled so if you want to see this year’s design, why not head to the Christmas market this winter?


The Bolton News: Gothenburg's Christmas market is now openGothenburg's Christmas market is now open (Image: Manchester Airport)

The Christmas market in Gothenburg is ideal for families and can be accessed via Ryanair flights from Manchester Airport.

Although the market is now open, it is closed some days so make sure to check the days you can visit via the website here.

You’ll find cinnamon buns, carol concerts, an ice skating rink and a mini-Lapland all in the Liseberg amusement park, one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions.

Rides and rollercoasters will also be open but they come at an additional cost.


The Christmas market in Geneva opened this month and Jet2.com, Ethiopian Airlines, easyJet and TUI all serve the route from Manchester Airport.

If you’re a food lover or a fan of skiing, Geneva’s Christmas market could be the ideal one for you to visit.

Enjoy the traditional stalls as well as a dedicated street food section where you’ll find local specialties including raclette and fondue.

Less than 100km away is Mont Blanc, the heart of the Alps, so you could combine a visit to the Christmas market with a trip to one of Europe’s finest ski resorts.

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The Christmas market in Prague opened last weekend and those wishing to visit can fly with Ryanair, easyJet or Jet2 from Manchester Airport.

Prague has a number of smaller Christmas markets which are spread across the city where you’ll find mulled wine and traditional sweet pastries plus souvenirs and handicrafts.

There’s also a lively nightlife scene in the historic Old Town, a popular tourist spot all year round.


The Christmas market in Vienna is open to visitors now with Manchester Airport offering flights with Ryanair, Austrian Airlines and Jet2.com.

You’ll find the market on the Rathaus (City Hall) and it’s marketed as the ‘Viennese Dream’.

The market offers a variety of gifts, food and drink, traditions and activities for visitors of all ages. 

You’ll also be able to explore the city’s galleries, museums and opera houses.

For more information and to book flights to these European cities, visit the Manchester Airport website.