A four-year-old girl from Westhoughton who has been “fighting for her life” in hospital after a Strep A infection has now come off the ventilator.

Camila Rose Burns is said to be breathing on her own with the help of extra oxygen after contracting a Strep A infection just over a week ago.

Camila remains in intensive care, and is still on lots of medication, including dialysis, along with other supports while her organs try and recover.

She is still fighting the Strep A infection and her chest is not fully clear.

She is also suffering effects of the sepsis and the family won’t know what the permanent damage will be until she heals more.

Parents Dean and Kaye said: “As you can imagine being off the ventilator is a massive improvement, but she is still extremely poorly.

The Bolton News: Camila Rose BurnsCamila Rose Burns (Image: Public)

“We have still not made it to the ‘safety’ of being out of intensive care.

“We are praying for her to continue to get better and for her body to recover so she can get back to playing at home with her family.

“Thank you so, so much for all your prayers and we ask that you please keep praying.”

The family have also said that they have been “overwhelmed” with all the donations made via the GoFundMe fundraiser, raffles and fundraising taking place in support of the family, including offers to help and kind gestures to Camila.

After her auntie Laura Daniels set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding page to help support dad Dean and mum Kaye so that they can “remain at Camila’s side 24/7”, they manged to raise £21,999.

The family have also received a special message from the Father Christmas Visits Facebook page, which Laura says really touched the family.

The Bolton News: Camila in hospital fighting for her lifeCamila in hospital fighting for her life (Image: Public)

Having been admitted to Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital just over a week ago, Camila’s parents haven't left her side.  

Camila was prescribed an inhaler and told she could go home – but her health deteriorated a day later.

There was a sickness bug going around Camila’s school and she complained about her chest hurting, Mr Burns said.

Health officials are urging parents to contact NHS 111 or their GP if their child is getting worse, is feeding or eating much less than normal, has had a dry nappy for 12 hours or more or shows other signs of dehydration.

They should also seek help if their baby is under three months and has a temperature of 38C or is older than three months with a temperature of 39C or higher.

A very tired or irritable child is also a red flag.

If their child is having difficulty breathing (by making grunting noises or sucking their stomach in under their ribs) or pauses in breathing, has blue skin, tongue or lips, or is floppy and unresponsive, parents should call 999 or go to A&E.

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