A major development project has ‘turned a new page’ with demolition of a town centre  underway.

Diggers and other construction equipment have moved into Farnworth town centre clearing the way for the much trailed redevelopment of the town.

This signals  dlong hoped for plans to invest in and remake the area are now finally coming to fruition.

The Bolton News: The redevelopment is currently underwayThe redevelopment is currently underway (Image: Cllr Paul Heslop)

Cllr Paul Heslop said: “It has probably been many a year since Farnworthians have been able to see King Street from Brackley Street. 

“A new page has been turned in the history of Farnworth and it is hoped that the town’s people will have a town centre that they can be proud of. 

The Bolton News: The plans are aimed at reviving the area's economyThe plans are aimed at reviving the area's economy (Image: Cllr Paul Heslop)

“I have long campaigned for the re-development of Farnworth and many residents go back even further in championing the need for investment in the town.”

The redevelopment of Farnworth town centre is one of the most significant projects Bolton has seen in recent years.

The Bolton News: The area is set to be transformed with new homes and businessesThe area is set to be transformed with new homes and businesses (Image: Cllr Paul Heslop)

The plan ultimately aims to transform the area’s market precinct into a new hub for housing, businesses, and leisure.

Cllr Heslop, who says he saw the works for himself on Monday morning, says he is excited by the prospects for the town.

He said: “Of course, shopping habits have changed in recent years, and it needs to be accepted that we may not be seeing lots of traditional high street names in Farnworth Town Centre.

The Bolton News: Works were underway on Monday morningWorks were underway on Monday morning (Image: Cllr Paul Heslop)

“It is hoped much of the activity in Farnworth will focus on leisure and recreational activities along with retaining an evening hospitality economy based around traditional and new establishments. 

“I hope that the new independent shops complement our existing retail offer and encourage people to not only visit Farnworth but to stay in the town for longer.” 

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Cllr Heslop, of One Kearsley, added that he hopes this will have a major knock on effect for towns like his as well as for the wider economy of Bolton.

He said: “Farnworth’s success is also hugely important to Kearsley and its villages as it is our closest neighbour and for many years was the place that we shopped and used for banking along with access to many services. 

“It is important that other facilities are offered in Farnworth including health and council services and if these are secured then, along with improved transport options, should rejuvenate a town that has been long neglected by the council.”