Community centres, parks and youth clubs will be given over to the community under plans to save them.

Town Hall bosses say they do not have the funds to invest in the buildings and leaving them as they are would prevent organisations of making use of them in the community interest.

Blackrod Community Centre, Cobden Community Centre, New Bury Community Centre, Halliwell UCAN Centre, Zac's Youth Centre, Washacre Centre, Ridgway Pocket Park, Rose Gardens Pocket Park and the old bowling clubhouse in Rumworth Park, also known as Willow Park will all be handed over under a Community Asset Transfer.

The council would have to invest circa £2 - £3m if it was to retain them and leaders say the Council does not have this funding to invest in these assets.

Cllr Adele Warren, who approved the idea in principle this week, said: "As a part of our Strategic Asset Management Plan, we have carried out a review of council-owned land and properties to see which assets could be put to better use. 

"With properties like these, the voluntary sector is often better placed than the council to manage them effectively and respond to local priorities. 

"Bolton is lucky to have many outstanding charities and community groups and we want to support them by offering to transfer these assets."

A CAT is when the ownership of assets is transferred from a public organisation such as the council to other organisations within communities such as parish and town councils or charities. Often this is done at a discount or for free.

Some of the assets, such as Blackrod Community Centre and Cobden Community Centre, are in use by one or more organisations already. Others, such as Halliwell UCAN Centre and Zac's Youth Centre, are empty, the report said.

Under the plans the intention is to put all of them to better use, while also relieving strain on the council by removing what is at least a £2 million backlog in maintenance from its budget.

Bidders  will need to demonstrate the means to bring the sites up to standard, as well as to bring benefits to as wide a range of people as possible, with the Director of Place or an assistant director to decide on which bids are the best ones.