A photographer who stopped to capture the stunning architectural beauty of Bolton Parish Church against the night sky has been left mystifed by an unidentified flying object - a UFO- near the tower.

The picture was taken on Saturday just before the England game kick-off when the keen photographer arrived in town passing Bolton Parish Church.

He said: "Bolton Parish Church looked amazing on Saturday night as I headed into town to watch the footballI took this snap and caught what appears to be a UFO." 


The Bolton News:

He said: “I’m just an amateur photographer so I really didn’t know what it was but it wasn’t a light orb that I may see in other pictures.

“I was going to town to watch the football with my son when we parked at Churchgate.

“I looked up and thought the sky looked nice so I got my camera out to take a picture of it.”

Initially, the photographer thought something was wrong with his lens so took another one, and said it was gone leaving him mystified.

He said: “I even zoomed in and it just looks so unusual so I thought it could be a UFO.

“Photography is something I do sometimes if I see something I like because when you take so many pictures, you’re bound to get something unique once in a while.

“Everyone I have shown is just as amazed and I have no explanation for it.

“I do believe that anything is possible so you never know what it could be.”

The photographer ruled out that it could be a drone.

He said: “Some people did say it could be a drone, but it definitely didn’t look like that.”


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This isn’t the first time a potential UFO has been sighted in Bolton.

The Bolton News: Picture by Daniel BramwellPicture by Daniel Bramwell

Last year in November, Daniel Bramwell says he was outside having a cigarette on November 4 in Ingledene Grove, Smithills, when he noticed faint coloured outlines in the sky which he took a picture of to show his girlfriend.

He then forgot about the pictures and came accross them while later filming a TikTok video on November 13, and when he looked back at the pictures he saw a strange object in the sky.

The ‘object’ in the sky looks similar to the one over Churchgate.

Coincidentally it was in this month in 1733 a Dorset man reported seeing a polished silver disc in the sky – the first known sighting of an unidentified flying object, or UFO.