A popular Asda worker has been praised by staff and customers after coming to the rescue of an elderly man in Bolton.  

Warren Gavin, who works at Horwich Asda, has received praise for his ‘top banter’, ‘positive vibes’ and most recent effort to help an elderly man whose car broke down outside the store.  

An 85-year-old customer pulled up at the filling station but could not restart his car.  

Since the weather was wet and windy, Warren took him inside the store, got him a hot drink from the cafe and helped him call the breakdown service. 

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The Horwich Asda store manager,  who nominated Warren for an Asda service superstar award, said: "Warren looked after the gentleman, checked he was okay and all sorted with his car and then got him on his way.  

“The customer was absolutely delighted with the service received and he wrote in to give Warren a five-star rating.  

“He was very grateful for the help. Warren is a brilliant colleague and always happy to help." 

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As many other customers made clear, this wasn’t Warren’s first good deed.

One woman said: “Warren helped me and my daughter sort out a difference in the price of spare ribs last week. He was exceptionally fantastic! He's got top banter too.”  

As others also congratulated Warren and praised the “positive vibes” he brings to the store, a well-wisher added that: “We need more warrens in this world.” 

Another shopper said: “Must say this is one of the main reasons I like shopping at Asda because the staff go above and beyond, this is also from personal experience.”