Plans have been put forward to demolish a stables in Bolton and replace them with a house.

The plan is for Hilltop Stables on St Georges Lane, Horwich.

A statement from the applicants said: “The dwelling would be largely located on the footprint of the stables.

“It would have a modern design and be constructed in timber with metal and timber cladding, stone filled gabion basket walls, and would include a terraced area with a lean-to green roof and PV panels. “

“Two parking spaces are proposed.

“Access into the site will be from the recently constructed access track.”

The site is located on the green belt, which means it must meet a number of conditions to ensure it is not inappropriate.

These include building on land which is already developed, where it does not impact the openness of the green belt and or cause substantial harm in this area.

Developers have argued the proposed new property fits this criteria and therefore it is not inappropriate.

They said: “The site constitutes previously developed land.

“Spatially, the proposed building would have a smaller footprint and floor area with only a very limited increase in volume.

“The building has been designed to sit unobtrusively in the landscape.

“Accordingly it is considered that the proposal does not have a greater impact on openness than the existing development, and is therefore acceptable in terms of Green Belt policy.

They added it would help with housing supply, saying: “Bolton Council is currently unable to demonstrate an up to date five year housing land supply.

“This proposal will result in a small but valuable contribution.”

Highways Engineering said they had no objections to the proposals.