A 24-year-old mum was moved to a hotel after her boiler was continuously breaking for two weeks due to the recent cold snap.

Alicia Kay from Little Lever says that her boiler was not working and that engineers from Onward Homes came out on several occasions to try and resolve the issue.

But she says that this left her without any heating or hot water for two days at one point after a previous attempt to fix it.

Alicia first reported the issue with the boiler on December 1 and was most concerned for the health of her three-year-old daughter Scarlet.

She said: “They didn’t come out to fix it until 11.30pm on two times they came out.

“It’s been a challenge every single day, especially when my daughter has autism so needs more support.

The Bolton News:

“For the past couple of weeks, it hasn’t worked properly.

“I have been so upset and it’s been really hard.”

It is understood that the issue with the boiler has now been fixed and it was due to pipes freezing due to the recent weather.

Over Saturday and Sunday (December 17 and 18) Onward Homes organised for Alicia to stay in a hotel.

Onward Homes has also said that they will continue to make sure that Alicia’s boiler is working correctly over the next few weeks.

A spokesperson for Onward Homes said: “Alicia first reported a boiler problem on December 1 and we have worked with her since then to sort it out.

“We understand how important it is for everyone to have a warm, dry house.

“This is why listening to our customers and sorting problems out quickly is our priority.

“We have made several visits to Alicia’s home in the last two weeks and fixed the boiler three times.

“The problem has been a pipe freezing during the recent cold snap. 

“We believe the boiler is working well now but we will check over the next few days to be sure.

“We provided hotel accommodation for Alicia over the weekend with meals paid for, as well as travel expenses, so her family did not have to stay in a cold home whilst we fixed the boiler.”

Alicia also became concerned after returning from hospital with Scarlett and finding mould and damp in her home.

The Bolton News: In Scarlett's roomIn Scarlett's room (Image: Public)


After reporting the issue of mould on December 6, Onward Homes treated it.  

A spokesperson for Onward Homes said: “Alicia first reported the presence of mould on 6 December.

“Our surveyor has inspected the home and found some mould around a window frame, which has now been treated.

“We will follow up with Alicia to make sure it doesn’t come back. 

“We encourage any customer facing problems with their boiler, or finding damp or mould, to contact us immediately so we can sort it out.”

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