The murderer who stabbed a Bolton man in the heart after a dispute  over a mobile phone has been jailed for a minimum term of 21 years.

Anthony George, of no fixed abode, went on trial at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court and was found guilty of the murder of Tyrone Williamson who was described as a 'caring and loving boy'.

George  was intoxicated with drugs and alcohol and had taken a knife to Battenburg Road, Bolton on December 11.

He has known Mr Williamson for a number of years and entered his home on the street.

George was  asked to leave and was accused of stealing a mobile phone from Mr Williamson.

He got a taxi and was confronted by Mr Williamson who punched him through the window.

George, 41, responded by stabbing him four times.

Three times to the torso, once to his arm, one entered his heart


The Bolton News: Tyrone WilliamsonTyrone Williamson (Image: GMP)

CCTV reviewed by officers following the horrific incident showed an altercation taking place between George and Tyrone. It clearly showed that George was in a possession of a bladed article, that inflicted the fatal injuries, with Mr Williamson being without a weapon.

Mr Williamson was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary and died a short time later.

During the course of the trial George argued he had no memory of the incident and could not have formed an intention to kill Mr Williamson, but the jury found him guilty of murder.

He returned to court this week to be sentenced.

The court heard from Mr Williamson’s two sisters on how his killing had affected them.

Older sister Laura Williamson said: “Tyrone was such a caring and loving boy.

“He was loved by everybody.

“Although Tyrone wasn’t the youngest we considered him the babiy of the family, the glue that kept us together.

“Tyrone was diagnosed with ADHD, it made him very vulnerable.

“He wanted everybody to be loved.

“He had a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh.”

She said she was contacted by her younger sister who said he had been attacked and she rushed to the scene.

She added: “My sister and I went to MRI, the next thing I remember I was in the family room.”

She said she heard “the worst words” which were “I am sorry” and “my world was turned upside down, I felt I was suffocating, I could not breath."

Younger sister Elise Williamson, who Mr Williamson lived with, added she had been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and PTSD which made small tasks very difficult and her children repeatedly ask why their uncle is not coming back.

Liam Walker KC, defending, said: “Mr George is described as having been haunted by the knowledge he had killed someone, in his evidence he talked of thinking about it every day.”

Imposing a sentence, judge Justice Amanda Yipp, said: “The simple truth is that had you not armed yourself with a knife on that day Mr Williamson would not have died and you would not be facing a life sentence.”

George, of no fixed abode, also appeared to be sentenced for driving offences on Bury New Road in August 2021.

He lied to police about who he was, drove while disqualified and with no insurance and while unfit through drugs.

He was given no separate penalty for this but banned from the roads for three years.