A father-of-two has shared his frustration after being given a parking fine whilst out delivering donations with his children

John Mullen, went to deliver food donations to Bolton Lads & Girls Club (BLGC) as a  with his daughter Harriet,  aged nine, and son Sebastian aged eight.

John and his family took part in a sweepstake for the world cup, with 50 per cent going to the winner and the rest to a charity.

And Harriet decided to donate to Bolton Lads & Girls Club after learning about how some people are struggling in school.

In total the family donated £47 worth of goods to the charity.

Once John parked outside, he says the ticket machine out of order and covered with three black bin bags.

The Bolton News:

He said: “We had our Christmas hats on, and the kids were buzzing.

“There was a note that said to pay at the other machine, with an arrow pointing left, but I couldn’t find the alternative machine.

“There were half a dozen cars behind us, and none had tickets on.

“Having looked and failing to find said machine, we proceeded to BLGC without paying for the parking.

“I admit, maybe more diligence should have been taken on my part and I guess you reap what you sow.”

John says that he arrived at 1.59pm to drop the donations off and came out at 2.05pm but he returned to a ticket officer issuing him with a ticket.

When he came out, it was pointed out to him that the other machine was about 800 yards away to the right, and not to the left as the sign stated.

He added: “It’s an 80p parking ticket.

The Bolton News: John with his two childrenJohn with his two children (Image: Public)

“Why would I donate almost £50 worth of goods and drove 30 minutes to dodge a ticket?

“Some 70-80 minutes after, my children were ecstatic about their good deed in time for Santa, watching and hopefully making the nice list.

“Daddy is on the naughty list, as per my younger son's observation.”

John said that his children cried for 10 minutes on the way home and it took a while to calm them down because they thought their dad was in serious trouble due to the police cars being close by and the ticket officer present.

He said: “My daughter said she’s not doing anything like that again.

“It broke my heart because of everything we tried to do and to teach the children about equality.

“I know the guy was just doing his job and I respect that but to an out-of-towner and to the naked eye, it's not possible to notice the other pay and display machine.”

John has since been fined £60.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “The council is unable to comment on individual cases.

“Anyone in receipt of a Penalty Charge Notice can appeal via the process listed on the notice.”

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