A man who posted ‘extreme Jew-hatred and racism’ online has been brought before the courts.

Stuart Sutton, 45, had been posting anti-semitic and racist content on social media platforms for an eight month period over the course of last year before he was arrested in February this year.

Brought before Bolton Crown Court this week, he was jailed having pleaded guilty to five counts of publishing or distributing written material likely to stir up racial hatred.

Community Security Trust northern regional director Amanda Bomsztyk said: “CST welcomes this outcome which follows our alerting CTPNW to Sutton’s incitement just over a year ago.

"It is important that such extreme Jew-hatred and racism leads to arrest and imprisonment.”

Sutton was sentenced to two years in prison, reduced to 16 months due to his early guilty plea, following the investigation by Counter Terrorism Policing North West.

The officers had also searched Sutton’s home as part of their investigation and senior officers have now welcomed the news that he has been jailed.

Detective Superintendent Andy Meeks, of the CTPNW Investigation Department, said: "We would always encourage people to report acts of racial hatred, whether that's in person or online, and this can be done via the police or at www.gov.uk/ACT."