The run-up to Christmas led to mixed fortunes for small businesses in Horwich.

The festive period is one of the most important for shops as people buy gifts for their loved ones.

Owners in Horwich have previously asked for help from the council to attract people to the town after number of shops closing there this year.

A selection of independent shops in the town trialled late night opening earlier this year, but found waning interest in the scheme.

So, how have businesses in Horwich found the Christmas period?

Maxine Smith, owner of Flowersmiths in Horwich, said: “We’ve had a busy Christmas. We’ve done quite well this year, we’ve been quite happy with it.

The Bolton News: Flowersmiths on Lee LaneFlowersmiths on Lee Lane (Image: Flowersmiths)

“For us, it’s been like any other Christmas so far. We’re lucky that we’ve got quite a good regular customer base.

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“We had a busy year in 2019 and then had a few years during the pandemic, but there are different factors.

“During the first year, families couldn’t see each other, so that year they sent each other a lot of flowers.”

She added: “This year is the first year without restrictions, it seems people are wanting to celebrate.

On being asked if she thinks the cost of living crisis has had an effect on business, Maxine said: “Little things I suppose, where perhaps people might have bought their wreath, now they’re buying the bits to make their own.

“Other than that, we personally haven’t noticed much.

“I think we’ll notice it more in January and February. I think this year we’ll all feel that a little more.”

The Bolton News: Glassy Garden on Winter Hey LaneGlassy Garden on Winter Hey Lane (Image: Google Maps)

Emma Summerfield, owner of Glassy Garden Florist on Winter Hey Lane, gave her thoughts on business during the run up to Christmas.

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She said: “I think there’s not so much footfall in the morning. Sometimes you look outside and there’s no one there.

“Generally, we do have quite a lot of people coming in, though.

“People don’t seem to be spending the money. They seem to be very cautious.”

On being asked if she thought the cost of living crisis was having an effect on this, Emma said:

“I think it is. I think people don’t want to spend quite as much.

“And flowers are so much more expensive this year. Tesco and Aldi are selling their poinsettias at a cheaper price than we can get them from the wholesalers.

“You can’t compete.”

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