The mystery of the car covered in mud in a park in Bolton has been solved.

Residents and park goers did double takes after spotting the vehicle in Barlow Park.

It has emerged the owner had literally got stuck in the mud.

The owner of they Toyota Corolla said she struggled to get her car out of the grass.

The black car was first spotted by walkers on Saturday morning going through Barlow Park.

A picture showed the car covered in mud and people tried to find out what had happened to it.

Kelly Maria from Bolton told The Bolton News she was unable to get her car out of the mud after her partner and daughter got it stuck while driving to get some milk on New Year’s Day.

The duo had been trying to avoid seagulls and veered off the path and into Barlow Park.

The Bolton News:

Michael Coates and Jorja Kelly tried desperately to get the car out of the mud but couldn’t manage it and had to call a friend for help.

They used an old carpet to try and get it out but unfortunately the car was not for moving.

The car is now being recovered by Hough Green Garage.

She said: “So I was at home in bed, my partner and daughter went out to find a shop open for milk. Then they saw a rainbow so thought they would find the end.

“The car came off the path when they tried to avoid seagulls and into the mud and as much as he tried to get it out he couldn’t.

“I got a phone call saying car is stuck, but don’t worry we are having lots of fun.

“My partner got a lift of his mate and dropped my daughter off and went back to try to get the car out with his mate.

“They tried everything even found an old dirty carpet but still no joy.”

The Bolton News:

The car has been stuck for two days and was covered in mud by the time it was plastered all over Facebook after people spotted it.

Maria said: “Even my partner was covered head to toe in mud.

“The next day he went and tried again and still couldn’t so his mate rang someone from a farm nearby to ask if they could help, so they were going to come the next morning help.


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“I hadn’t seen the state of the car then, when all of a sudden I was on Facebook and my car was all over it.

“When I saw the posts and comments I couldn’t stop laughing and to all you Toyota Corolla haters, it’s actually a fast car.

“I am currently still waiting to get it back so relying on lifts at the minute and had to get taxis.”