A business which started during lockdown and has a strong following on social media platform TikTok, is getting a 'pizza' of the delivery market as well as setting up an online shop for fans of their food.

Cugini Pizza was started by Dino Clark, Connor Close and Callum Tombs, from their aunt Antonia Sotgiu's garden in Harwood during the lockdown.

But the trio moved to Edgworth Cricket Club after having complaints of noise and smoke.

The Bolton News: Conor CloseConor Close (Image: Cugini)

With their authentic pizza oven, built by the family, Conor and the team are now taking deliveries of up to four miles from Edgeworth.

Cugini has since racked up almost half a million followers on TikTok, where they regularly take viewers on a pizza making journey.

Conor said: “It’s been a difficult time over Christmas because we don’t have a permanent place and people tend to go to bars instead.

“But we’ve been doing well considering where we are.

“We’re looking forward to doing deliveries and to the challenges of this year to see what we can achieve.”

The Bolton News:

The team say business will pick up again when the cricket season is back in April.

Conor said: “We’re looking for pubs and bars who might want a ‘pizza night’ to work with us so we can bring our van there.”

The three cousins are itching to also find a permanent place in Bolton to operate from.

Conor said: “We want a casual place where people can come in to meet friends and enjoy a pizza and a drink.

“That’s the long term goal but we’re just waiting for the right place to come up.

“It’s frustrating but exciting at the same time.”

The Bolton News: The boysThe boys (Image: Cugini)

Alongside the cricket club venue, the van and the new deliveries, the Cugini boys have set up an online shop to sell their famous Cugini hot sauce, hot honey and pizza oil among their ingredients.


Cugini Pizza takes to the road as demand soars

Cugini Pizza on the move after being banned from making pizza in the garden

Three Italian cousins making authentic pizza from Bolton back garden

The Bolton News:

On TikTok, the cousins even instruct people how to make their own Cugini pizza complete with the full ingredients soon available to buy.

For Halloween, the Cugini boys made black dough pizza while over Christmas, ‘Santa Claus’ delivered pizza to families for a first time festive deal.

Conor said: “We love being at the cricket club, they are like our family now.

“We do want to let people know they can eat pizza and sit inside the club, as a lot of people don’t know this and they don’t have to be dressed up.”

Follow them on TikTok here.