Plans are in the pipeline to open a St John Ambulance cadet unit in Radcliffe.

The national first aid and healthcare charity is looking to open at least 15 new cadet units around England specifically in IMD (Index of Multiple Deprivation) and Youth Investment Fund areas.

Radcliffe, Golborne and Manchester United Football are three of the target locations in the region.

Support and funding will be provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the charity is appealing for 45 adults to step forward and volunteer as youth leaders and helpers and for 300 young people to join the organisation as cadets in these new units.

It is hoped the units will be up and running after a "development period" early this year.

Cadets are aged between 10 and 17 and learn first aid as well as a wide range of other skills.

Older cadets can go on first aid duties and also teach many first aid techniques such as CPR to members of the public.

Cadets also get to participate in many fun and enjoyable activities at their weekly meetings, get involved with events such as summer camps and make lifelong friendships with other people of their age.

The focus on IMD and Youth Investment Fund areas means that this initiative will bring an exciting new option for young people growing up in these parts of the country to get involved and make a contribution to their local community.

Head of youth delivery at St John Ambulance, Caroline Conry, said: “Our cadets at St John are an inspirational group of young people who have the potential to achieve amazing things now and in the future.

“This DCMS-funded initiative is a great opportunity to grow our cadets’ presence in key areas of England and also to welcome a large number of adult and under-18 volunteers to our charity over the next few months.

“Adults who are interested in the youth leader and youth helper roles can apply through our website.

“No first aid knowledge is required as all training is provided.

“Parents who would like to enrol their children as a cadet in one of these 15 or more new areas can also get in touch with the charity to register their interest and start the process.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing this initiative grow in early 2023 and to welcoming all our new starters.”