SO deluded Prince Harry has been complaining on an American TV chat show that claims he 'boasted' about killing members of the Taliban are a “dangerous lie”.

Excuse me your highness (it’s meant to be ironic) but did you not in your much-hyped book Spare bring to everyone’s attention that you did indeed kill 25 Taliban fighters? Can't say I've seen much said about him 'boasting' but everyone has reported the fact which as a former member of the Armed Forces was a particularly strange thing for him to make public and surely endangers present and former colleagues, his family and anyone working in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Methinks that the privileged one wants to have his cake and eat it. He wants to ‘reveal all’ in a book which will net him millions but then doesn’t want anyone to comment on it or react to it in a negative way.

Some of the ‘revelations’ from Spare have come across as tawdry and more than a little churlish.

So his brother had a drink before his wedding for a bit of Dutch courage. That probably happens at 90 per cent of all weddings. Families are by their very nature inherently dysfunctional to some degree but most families laugh at their issues not go bleating on about them in a book.

Harry seems to see himself as a victim, deprived of a mother at an early age. Perhaps he’s forgotten that his brother also suffered the same terrible loss.

Whether you agree with a royal family or not, his outpourings come across as those of a spoilt schoolboy who isn’t getting his way.

It leaves you thinking that rather than a publisher, he’d have been better off seeking help.