Youths are terrorising users of Little Lever's new library by 'being abusive', 'causing disturbances', 'throwing chairs' and 'using e-cigs', a councillor said.

The new library opened on the site of the Tesco Metro on Market Street less than a year ago, after the old library closed on Coronation Square.

At the time, the £5 million development, which also includes Little Lever Health Centre, was seen as an important improvement to the village.

But Sean Hornby, a councillor for Little Lever and Darcy Lever, said a number of students are terrorising the new library in the after-school period, telling The Bolton News about a range of examples of bad behaviour.

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Cllr Hornby said: "It's been going on for some time. I think what's happened is the youths are starting to congregate inside the library during the winter.

"If they're coming in to read or whatever, we don't mind it, but they're being abusive, causing disturbances, throwing chairs and using e-cigs."

He added: "I had a visit from an old lady last weekend. She was terrified. She spoke to the staff about it but they're limited with what they're able to do.

"Luckily, all of it is on CCTV, so some of them can be identified by going down to the secondary school and asking the staff there."

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Cllr Hornby is anticipated to raise the issue with Bolton Council and cabinet member responsible for libraries, deputy leader Hilary Fairclough, at a meeting at the town hall tonight, Wednesday.

He wants Cllr Fairclough to meet with him and the Head of Library Services to see what else is to be done for the new library, with the aim of avoiding limitations to the opening hours of 10am to 5pm, with an extra two hours one night a week.

Cllr Hornby said: "Let's see how we can resolve this and give some reassurance to the staff that they're safe so we can move forward."

Bolton Council meets at the town hall tonight, Wednesday.