The future is bright as youngster lead the way in saving the planet.

For children and staff at a Lostock Preschool have turned into eco-superheroes as part of a topic all about looking after the planet.

The children and staff have been learning about sustainability and what they can do to help combat the environmental challenges facing the planet.

Based in Lostock Parish Centre, the two to four-year-olds and their teachers are hoping together they can put the word out to Bolton to help save the planet from climate change.

Their motto – ‘Lostock superheroes save the planet’ – has been a constant throughout the topic, which culminated in the children dressing up as their favourite superheroes to do battle with evils of climate change.

The Bolton News: Recycling binsRecycling bins (Image: Lostock Preschool)

Since returning in the new year, the children have been recycling the pre-school’s rubbish in their new recycling centre.

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The recycling centre has three labelled bins with general waste, paper, and plastic, and the children have a nominated monitor each day to ensure recycling is happening.

The pre-school also encourages the use reusable packaging in children’s packed lunches.

A new vegetable patch has been planted which contains carrots, potatoes, onions, and purple broccoli. Once grown, the children will be able to eat the produce at snack time inline with their health eating programme.

The Bolton News: Children with their rainwater catchers Children with their rainwater catchers (Image: Lostock Preschool)

In order to water the vegetable patch, the children have made rainwater catchers so they don’t have to use the water from the tap.

During their twice-daily meditation time – which is part of a wider healthy body and minds initiative at the preschool – the lights are now being completely switched off in order to use less electricity.

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Suzanne Hogan, the owner of Lostock Preschool, said: “The children have really engaged in our save the planet activities and they now remind the staff to recycle and turn off the lights.

“We understand that we alone won't make a huge difference but if everyone helps, we will.

The Bolton News: Sustainability Superhero!Sustainability Superhero! (Image: Lostock Preschool)

“The children have even been reminding their parents.”

During a recent quiet time session, staff and children were discussing how they can help and the children enjoyed sharing what they had learnt.

Some of the children's comments included putting all the plastic in the special bin, turning off the lights when it's quiet time, saving the water from the rain, and making sure to not put rubbish on the floor.

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