Two teenager skating sensations have been left devastated after their roller skates were stolen in a car break-in.

The skates were left in the boot overnight on Thursday(January 19) on Hulme Road in Harwood.

Mum Karen Valentine noticed that the glove box was open, and things were scattered across the floor and realised the boots had been stolen.

The Bolton News:

Fifteen-year-old Ellora and 12-year-old Molly are said to so upset.

The sisters are due to compete again at the beginning of March and need to practice.

The Bolton News: Molly Openshaw in the airMolly Openshaw in the air (Image: Public)

Karen said: “It’s their livelihood, they live for skating, and they go all over the country competing.

“When I told them they had been stolen, they were inconsolable and I felt like it was my fault for leaving them in the car, I should have taken them inside.

“They can’t compete without the skates and there is shortage of skates at the moment.

The Bolton News:

“You can’t just buy them in a shop, they’re not a bog-standard pair of skates and have to be ordered online specifically for them.”

Ellora and Molly roller-skate every weekend and, on a weekday, Wednesday with the Red Rose national skating club.

The Bolton News: The Red Rose TeamThe Red Rose Team (Image: Red Rose)

The sisters are using someone else’s skates but as those are too small for them both girls are struggling to practice well.


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Karen said: “I had to listen to them both crying, it made me feel worse.

“Those lads probably had no idea how much the skates meant to us.

“It was the girls’ lives and they took that from us in a couple of minutes.

“The bags they were in were extremely heavy too so the lads who stole them must have had a car ready.”

The Bolton News:

Red Rose has started a Go Fund Me page to try and help the girls buy new skates so close to the competition.

Karen said: “Everybody has been amazing, and we are overwhelmed by the kindness.

“Nobody has money after Christmas, so it means a lot to us.”

Ellora and Molly have been skating for over 10 years combined and are dedicated skaters.

To support the teenagers visit here