Martin Lewis, who is the host of ITV's popular The Money Show, warned customers over a "huge" price hike for broadband and mobile services this April.

In a Money Saving Expert email, Martin lewis said: "My heart sank last Wed, as the latest 10.5% CPI inflation was announced," adding that this is what broadband and mobile firms base their price increases on.

The financial journalist pointed out that many businesses don't stop there with "most" lumping a further 3% to 4% on top.

The savings expert went on to reveal the biggest rises announced in the last seven days with BT and EE being among the top.

Broadband and mobile price rises announced by BT, EE and Sky

Here are the broadband and mobile firms that have announced the highest price hikes according to Money Saving Expert:

  • BT broadband and mobile: 14.4%
  • EE broadband and mobile: 14.4%
  • Plusnet broadband and mobile: 14.4%
  • Shell broadband and mobile: Up to 13.5%
  • Sky Mobile: 9% for out-of-contract.
  • TalkTalk broadband: 14.2% unless on a fixed price plus tariff.
  • Three broadband and mobile: 4.5%/14.4% depending on when you signed up.
  • Vodafone: TBC.

It was pointed out that 16 million people in the UK are out of contract so can leave without being penalised for this.

However, it was noted that for those still on contract, moving may be more of an issue but they should take action when their contract ends.

Best new customer broadband, line rental and mobile deals according to Money Saving Expert

Here are the best new customer deals available according to Money Saving Expert:

Cheapest Broadband and line rental deals for new customers

  • Shell Energy's deal ends on Sunday at 11:59 pm and offers 11Mb/month for '£14.08/month' and 38Mb/month for '£16.92/month' on an 18-month contract with prices not set to rise this April (though they may next April).
  • Virgin Media are offering 132Mb for '£18.40/month' on an 18-month contract with no price rises meaning you can leave penalty-free if the deal changes.
  • Sky is also providing 59Mb for '£18.89/month' on an 18-month contract with no price rises.

Mobile deals available to new customers

  • Lebara is offering 5GB/month for '£3.38/month'. Customers would pay 85p/month for the six months before paying £5.90/month thereafter with the users being able to cancel anytime.
  • iD Mobile is giving new customers 15GB for '£3.84/month' with customers paying £8/month but also being able to claim a £50 Amazon, Currys or Uber Eats voucher, which equates to £3.38/month over the 12-month contract.
  • Talkmobile: New customers could get 100GB/month for '£9.87/month with them paying £11.95 and being eligible for a £25 Amazon voucher.
  • Three is providing unlimited data for '£15.54/month'. This deal sees customers pay £17/month, then £19.45/month from April. However new users will get an automatic £42 cashback.

Full details of these deals can be found in the Money Saving Expert newsletter online.