Boxer Amir Khan hopes his multi-million pound wedding venue will be completed in 12 months.

The retired boxer has had the site since 2015 but ran into problems said he had lost £5 million in the venture.

Situated in Washington Road in Daubhill, the venue, Excellency Plaza is a 'one stop wedding mall’ which will consist of 18 retail units on the ground floor devoted to wedding businesses, three wedding halls and a restaurant, alongside a rooftop shisha bar.

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It is expected to create as many as 200 jobs when completed.

In a previous series of Meet The Khans: Big In Bolton, Amir said costs had risen from £3.2million to £11.5million.

The Bolton News: Faryal to talk about finally finishing the huge project.

Amir said: “I’d like to see the end of it now, to finish it.

“I have to see it finished now and I’ve got the time on my hands, I’ve got no excuses, boxing is finished.

“I can focus on that wedding hall.”

Amir has since hired a new project manager to take over the build.

New plans to the hall includes a river stream from the outside flowing inside to the wedding stage with the floors estimated cost at £1million.

The Bolton News:

Cherry blossom trees will also be installed inside the halls with pink plush sofas situated near the entrance.

Amir  said: “It’ll be such a relief when it’s finished, oh my god.”

The new contractor said work was moving faster than before and was predicted to be finished by January 2024.


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Amir also admitted that while he had lost a lot of money, he was still thinking of opening cafes and restaurants in the future to give back to the community.

The visit is featured episode five of Meet The Khans: Big In Bolton.

The hit reality series sees a lot of Bolton this time as the couple return to support cousin Abdul Khan in his boxing career as well as undertaking community work and seeing family and friends.

The programme is on BBC Three every Monday at 8.30pm with all episodes also available on BBC iPlayer.