A man entered his ex-partner’s house and threatened to ‘end her’ despite being banned from going near her.

Michael Farrell, 39, was meant to be abiding by a restraining order when he went into his victim’s Bolton home on November 19 last year.

Though she had initially let him in herself thinking she was safe, Bolton Crown Court heard how Farrell began to angrily question the woman about her relationships.

Niamh McGinty, prosecuting, said: “She let him in, she told the police she thought she would be safe because her sister was there and that she felt sorry for the defendant.

“He asked her if she would take him back, she declined.

The Bolton News: The case was heard at Bolton Crown CourtThe case was heard at Bolton Crown Court (Image: Newsquest)

“She said he needed to go back to his own girlfriend.

“He got upset and asked her if she had a new partner and threatened to ‘end her and her boyfriend' if he was to find out she did.”

Ms McGinty told the court how Farrell, of Atlas Mill, Bolton had been hit by the restraining order after having previously assaulted the woman and threatened her with a knife on February 13 last year.

Farrell, who has 39 previous convictions for 76 offences ranging from assault and robbery to possession of a knife and domestic violence, was arrested soon after.

He escaped a jail sentence but was forbidden to contact his victim except through a solicitor for five years.

But this did not stop him from illegally going to the woman’s house again last October and threatening her along with anyone else he believed she might be in relationship with before leaving 10 minutes later.

Nicholas Ross, defending, argued that Farrell deserved credit for having pleaded guilty to the breach at the first opportunity and that he understood the seriousness of what he had done.

He also remined the court that Farrell had initially been let into the house by the woman herself and that the confrontation had been ‘relatively short.’

Mr Ross said: “the defendant accepts he should have said no when he was invited in.

“He does accept there was a threat, it was no more than that.”

He said he hoped for a further suspended sentence and Farrell would be prepared to undergo an alcohol abstinence requirement in addition to previous requirements of rehabilitation days and unpaid work.

But Judge Tom Gilbart reminded the defendant, who appeared by video link from prison, of the impact his crimes had had on his victim.

He said: “She told you to leave and you threatened to ‘end her’ and ‘end’ anyone she might be in a relationship with.”

He added: “This was an act by you that was the opposite of care.”

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Judge Gilbart accepted that Farrell had a ‘history of work and employment’ but said he was disturbed by his apparent ‘tendency to blame others for what he has done.’

Farrell also had a poor history of obeying court orders, according to probation services.

Judge Gilbart sentenced Farrell to a total of 28 months in prison.