Young people remember those who suffered such unimaginable horrors during the Holocaust.

Friday marked Holocaust Memorial Day.

Ladybridge High School pupils remembered the victims of the genocide.

Victims of the Holocaust are remembered each year on January 27 – the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp.

The day is also used to remember the millions killed in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

The Bolton News: Ladybridge School pupilsLadybridge School pupils

Pupils at the Bolton created their own museum to ensure such horrific events are never forgotten.

The exhibition was designed by Year Nine pupils.

Ladybridge High School became a Beacon school for Holocaust Education for last year, a programme which is dedicated to enhancing teaching on the subject.

Cllr Anne Galloway attended the exhibition, and said: “I thought I knew all the main facts about that event but I left knowing so much more.

The young people were clearly very engaged with their particular topic and were anxious to talk about it to us.”

The Bolton News: Ladybridge SchoolLadybridge School

Greater Manchester residents were invited to join a virtual community service this week to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, and heard the testimonies of those who have lived through and been affected by the Shoah and other genocides.

Representatives from the Jewish Representative Council and Greater Manchester’s equality panels lit candles of remembrance for those whose lives were taken.

Mayor Andy Burnham said: “Greater Manchester has a proud history of standing in defiance of hatred, and in solidarity with all those facing persecution and oppression.

This is not just who we are, it’s what we do - and what we must continue to do whenever we encounter racism or any form of prejudice.”