Greater Manchester Police clocked motorists well in excess of the speed limit as officers were out on the roads yesterday, Sunday, January 29.

Traffic police community support officers (PCSO) clocked one speeder going at 50mph - 66 per cent over the 30mph speed limit. Another was clocked at 43mph also in a 30mph zone.

The PCSOs were stationed on Thicketford Road in Tonge, as well as a stint on Thatch Leach Lane in Whitefield, Bury.

The high speeds recorded have prompted the force to issue a reminder to motorists.

A GMP Traffic spokesperson said: "Traffic PCSO's are out and about in your communities enforcing the speed limits.

Today we visited Thicketford Road in Bolton North and Thatch Leach Lane in Whitefield.

Please remember 30mph is the maximum. There were some high speeds recorded."

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