A person who was found injured at Rivington Terraced Gardens today, Sunday, has been rescued.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team was called to the gardens just before 2pm to assist North West Ambulance Service transport the injured person to an ambulance.

Also on hand to assist was a crew from North West Air Ambulance.

A spokesperson for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team said: "Today (Sunday) at 1.57pm the team was contacted by the North West Ambulance Service to help extricate a casualty from Rivington Terraced Gardens.

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"The team worked with paramedics from North West Ambulance Service and the crew from the North West Air Ambulance to transport the casualty down to the awaiting ambulance.

"Thirteen team members were involved for an hour with only one vehicle being required and the rest of the team stood down while responding.

"Thank you to a member of the public who approached one of the stood-down vehicles to donate £20, it is very much appreciated.

"Thanks to Rivington Heritage Trust and United Utilities for allowing us access to the gardens."

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