A school has raised more than £1,500 to help with the relief efforts for those affected by the floods in Pakistan.

Ladybridge High School handed over a cheque worth £1,599.47 to Save the Children which was raised through its Chirstmas market.

Over 800 learners attended the market which sold everything from fake moustaches to sweet bags.

There were also cakes and fruit kebabs, and fun Christmas games.

Stalls were run independently by pupils, who took responsibility for for producing and selling the goods.

Ladybridge is a multicultural community with young people from all over the world, and supporting the victim of the floods in Pakistan was cause that many of the pupils felt they wanted to support.

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The atmosphere in school was lovely with a real sense of community and social action amongst teachers and staff.

Headteacher Paddy Russell said: "The Christmas Markets were wonderful. 

"They were organised almost entirely by our learners to raise money for a cause that they feel passionate about - to support people affected by the floods in Pakistan. 

"The compassion, creativity, and agency demonstrated by our learners was incredible. 

"Our learners are now looking at ways to raise money for charities supporting the response to the earthquake in Turkey and Syria."