Westhoughton residents are being encouraged to join in town’s first-ever Big Spring Clean, with councillors stating even the smallest clean up can make a ‘difference’.

Taking place between March 17 and 19,  councillors are encouraging everyone to get involved by carrying out a litter pick or cleaning a footpath.

The initiative was the idea of Cllr David Wilkinson, who regularly takes part in litter picks with fellow ward councillors and residents.

He says the idea has been supported by Westhoughton Town Council.

Cllr Wilkinson said: “Many residents give their time to carry out litter picks.

“It’s great to see more and more people doing their bit for Westhoughton and our team love being a part of that.

“Now we're hoping more people will get involved and do their bit for our community.

The Bolton News: Cllr David Wilkinson doing litter pickingCllr David Wilkinson doing litter picking (Image: Cllr David Wilkinson)

“We are trying to get the Spring Clean Up moving as quickly as possible with a Facebook page, and we are asking as many organisations as possible and members of the public in Westhoughton to get involved.

“We are all well aware of the conditions of the streets with litter but what is happening in many communities is the attempts of individuals just making a small difference by picking up litter and it makes a difference and that’s why we are going for that weekend, calling it the Big Clean.

“And what we are hoping to do is tidy up the area, whether people go outside their own front doors, take a brush, and sweep up or go a little further with litter picking.

“We get quite a few people coming to us saying they want to do something for their local area and with this initiative, we are just trying to ask people to do a little bit.

“We are trying to encourage a community approach involving as many people as humanly possible, so that a little bit can make a difference.

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“We are hoping that this spring clean-up will create a community encouraging people around the area to take more care of their surroundings because I think a group of people can make a difference.

“If everyone just did a little bit it would make a huge difference, this is not political it’s just taking the community back and it’s about people taking a step forward for their community.”

The event will culminate in a 'thank you' event, where anyone who took part will be invited to have a cup of tea and cake together. Further details to be announced.

And organisers, Cllr Arthur Price, Cllr Wilkinson, Cllr Deirdre McGeown, Cllr Neil Maher and Cllr Gillian Wroe say they would love for people to share photos of people litter picking with them by emailing them to contact@mywesthoughton.co.uk.