The courts in Bolton were still just as busy as the new year wore on into February.

Over the course of the month they dealt with drug dealers, stalkers and even murder.

What follows are the names and crimes of six people jailed in February.

The Bolton News: Tosif PatelTosif Patel (Image: GMP)

TOSIF PATEL, aged 33, drove a young woman miles from her home as part of a campaing of stalking. He was jailed for three years

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The Bolton News: James CaseyJames Casey (Image: Public)

JAMES CASEY, aged 31, threateded to bomb his ex-partner's house and kill her. He was sentenced to two years and 21 weeks in prison.

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The Bolton News: Jake NowellJake Nowell (Image: GMP)

JAKE NOWELL, aged 21, robbed an uber driver and then stole a jacket from a teenage boy later that same day. He was give a sentence of four years and two months.

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The Bolton News: Frederick AllenFrederick Allen (Image: GMP)

FREDERICK ALLEN, aged 32, crashed a car into a farm before going on to drive it at a grandfather and his grandson. He was jailed for 26 months.

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The Bolton News: George McWilliamGeorge McWilliam (Image: GMP)

GEORGE MCWILLIAM, aged 62, together with his 35-year-old son Anthony assaulted a man in his own home in the early hours of the morning leaving him 'naked and bleeding.' He was jailed for 15 months, while Anthony McWilliam recieved a sentence of four years and nine months.

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The Bolton News: King SibandaKing Sibanda (Image: GMP)

KING SIBANDA, aged 17, murdered a young man by stabbing him in Bury town centre when he himself was just 16. He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 15 years. 

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