An impressive new water park is coming to Manchester complete with an indoor beach and wellbeing spa, costing more than £250 million.

Therme Group and Peel L&P are working on the project together which will bring some exciting features with it.

There’ll be an urban farm at Therme Manchester Wellbeing Resort as well as botanic gardens and ‘living’ water slides.

Therme hopes the development can be “far more than just a waterpark and spa” and “create an integrated experience to benefit physical and mental health”.

The Bolton News: The sustainable development will take around two years to buildThe sustainable development will take around two years to build (Image: Therme Group)

The attraction will be sustainable and boasts biophilic design elements with features including double-curved roofs which reduce how much steel is needed, adding to the sustainability of the project.

Peel L&P’s Trafford Palazzo will feature a new green ‘vertical forest’ multi-storey car park for visitors.

The idea of this is to reduce the environmental impact by avoiding the need for an under-venue car park which would require more excavation.

The development is expected to create 1,200 jobs in the area.

Take a look inside the sustainable water park coming to Manchester

Visitors can look forward to an all-season urban beach plus the world’s first living waterslides which will incorporate a 3D-printed superstructure where you’ll see thousands of plants thriving.

It doesn’t stop there though as innovative ‘welltech’ experiences include a snow room, multi-sensory showers and oxygen rooms.

There’ll also be a visitor and education centre that will welcome school and community groups for events on topics such as sustainability, food and nature.

The resort is said to be able to achieve a major net gain in biodiversity with a 10,000 sq m wellbeing garden, a next-generation hydroponic vertical farm, more than 1,500 trees and roof-top beehives which will produce honey for use in restaurants and wellbeing treatments.

When will the resort open?

In 2022, Therme said that construction of the development will begin in 2023 and will take around two years to build.

Here’s what was said about the development at the time.

Stelian Iacob, Senior Vice President of Therme Group and CEO of Therme Group UK, said: “The Covid period gave us the opportunity to update the design of Therme Manchester to create an even more sustainable, engaging and accessible experience with profound health and wellbeing benefits for all.

“We will continue to work with the Manchester community as we progress with the design and development”. 

James Whittaker, Executive Director of Development at Peel L&P, said: “We are proud to be working in partnership with Therme Group to develop this exceptional wellbeing resort in TraffordCity.

“Therme Manchester will lead the way in health and wellbeing and with the updated plans now including the UK’s first all-season urban beach and the world’s first living waterslides, we are excited to continue working with Therme Manchester to deliver this innovative health and wellbeing experience in TraffordCity, the UK’s foremost retail, leisure and commercial destination.”